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Libgdx setup tool now supports Ashley

gdx-setup ashley

Last night I added Ashley support to the official Libgdx setup tool. Creating Libgdx projects that use Ashley entity framework is now even easier. Simply make sure you tick the Ashley checkbox before generating your project.

By the way, if you already have a a project, adding the extra dependency is also trivial.

  • Core project: com.badlogicgames.ashley:ashley:1.0.1
  • Android project: com.badlogicgames.ashley:ashley:1.0.1
  • GWT project: com.badlogicgames.ashley:ashley:1.0.1:sources

Remember that using Ashley in non Libgdx projects is also perfectly fine.

Ashley entity framework

Loads of stuff in the pipeline lately: new job, finishing my book and some Ashley development. What? You don’t know what Ashley is? Here is a brief, straight from GitHub.

A tiny entity framework written in Java. It’s inspired by frameworks like Ash (hence the name) and Artemis. Ashley tries to be a high-performance entity framework without the use of black-magic and thus making the API easy and transparent to use.

Long story short: Ashley is awesome.

Stefan Batchmann started the project on February 2013. Since he is rather busy making actual games, he asked me to look after the project and I gladly accepted.

Entity systems are really cool and can help you write cleaner game code, avoiding the classic inheritance hierarchy hell. This article does a pretty good job at explaining the benefits of entity systems.

It’s funny how strongly opinionated developers seem to feel towards entity systems. Some love them, some hate them. Have a read, experiment with Ashley and decide for yourself.

The readme will help to you get started. Please, do not hesitate to open an issue if you find any problems. If you send a pull request, you will have our unconditional love.

Expect more Ashley related articles soon!

Libgdx Cross-platform Development Cookbook announced

libgdx cross platform development cookbook

Almost a year ago, I started working on a Libgdx recipe book with Alberto Cejas, an old University mate. Now, Packt Publishing, have announced the project on their website, Libgdx Cross-platform Development Cookbook.

You can even pre-order a printed copy or the e-book version (DRM free).

Exciting times!

The book offers step-by-step guides on how to master Libgdx subsystems to build 2D games that run almost everywhere: Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and browsers. It only requires basic knowledge of games development and comes with a ton of sample code to help readers understand each topic.

I will post more information soon!

Homefront: The Revolution announced!

At last! The game I worked on during my 2 years at Crytek UK has been announced with an amazing trailer. Big congratulations at the Nottingham team for the huge effort put into this project. What a bunch of incredibly talented people, I’m really honoured to have been part of the project.

I mainly worked on emergent AI systems for NPCs and animation. Unfortunately, you cannot see much of that on this trailer. Let’s wait and see for E3!

Ludum Dare #29 – Beneath the surface

beneath the surface title

As I mentioned here a few days ago, last weekend I entered the 29th edition of the Ludum Dare game jam, which had Beneath the surface as a theme. To be completely honest, I was only bothered to work on the project for about 4 hours each day. That probably explains why is my worst game jam entry so far.

Beneath the surface is a very simple, classic text adventure where the player needs to escape an underground cave by using commands in the form of verb object like:

Open door

beneath the surface

The game is too basic and needed more user testing before the deadline. I was quite unhappy with it but then thought I’d rather submit it than dropping out completely. But hey, at least I managed to work on shaders a little bit, an area I really need to get better at.

Maybe next time I’ll manage to pull off something better.