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Libgdx at the LJC: slides and video


Yesterday, I had the pleasure to deliver a talk about Libgdx at the London Java Community Meetup. To my surprise, there was a pretty decent turnout. The audience was lovely, seemed engaged and asked quite a few questions. No awkward silence at the end…


Thanks a lot to everyone who attended, and to the organisers who made it possible. We must catch up next time at the pub afterwards!

If you’re in the London area, you should definitely join the Meetup group and attend some of the talks. The atmosphere is friendly and there’s at least one every week, the next ones are on Ceylon and design patterns.

Here’s the video and the slides:

Libgdx at the London Java Community Meetup


Next Tuesday 3rd of February I will be talking about Libgdx at the London Java Community Meetup. Things won’t get too technical, I’ll introduce the framework, explain why it’s so awesome, show who is currently using it in commercial products and give a quick demo at the end. Of course I won’t miss this golden opportunity to cheekily mention my Libgdx Cookbook!

If you’re interested, sign up and come to the The Skills Matter eXchange, doors open at 6.15pm and the presentation should be around 40 minutes long.

Ashley 1.3.3 released


As you can see, Ashley development has slowed down a bit. I would like to think it’s because we have a feature rich and stable framework rather than people having lost interest! Anyhow, there’s still been quite a bit of progress, enough to warrant a new release.

Ashley 1.3.3 is now out.

  • API addition: added getEntity() method to Engine, it is now possible to retrieve entities by their ID. This will ease networked entity systems.
  • API addition: added getEntities() method to Engine, which returns an immutable array of all the entities registered with said engine.
  • Bug fix: remove old component when adding a new one of the same type to an entity.
  • Bug fix: fixes component not being added to an entity when done from an entityRemoved() family entity listener handler.

The new nightly dependency is com.badlogicgames.gdx:ashley:1.3.4-SNAPSHOT.

All unit tests are passing, the wiki is up to date and life is good. Enjoy Ashley and don’t forget to report anything that doesn’t work as expected.

Libgdx at Kingston University

kingston phones

Last Monday 24th of November I delivered a small lecture about Libgdx at Kingston University of London. This complements Alberto’s Libgdx workshop at Cadiz University last week as part of a series of activities to promote Libgdx and our recently released book.

I talked about what Libgdx can offer developers as well as the advantages of using open source tools as opposed to proprietary technologies, especially when it comes to students. Just like in Alberto’s talk, we gave two copies of our book away to a couple of lucky students!

Sadly, no pictures were taken this time round, you’ll have to take my word when I say that quite a few people showed up. Thanks for that!

As promised, here are the slides in case anyone is interested.

Libgdx workshop at Cadiz University

flappy plane

Alberto Cejas, colleague and co-author of Libgdx Cross-platform Game Development Cookbook delivered a Libgdx workshop at Cadiz University (Spain) last Friday 21st of November.

During a 2 hour session, the students put together a bunch of pieces to build Flappy Plane, a Flappy Bird clone originally developed by Mario Zechner. Moreover, there was free stuff! Alberto did a small raffle and gave two copies of our book away.

javaw 2014-11-25 19-57-44-35

We’re really happy with the turnout, just take a look at the gallery below!

If you’re interested in an easy introduction to Libgdx, feel free to check the GitHub repo where we’ve uploaded everything: slides, code and exercises.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up!